Eva Rossmann

Born in Graz (Austria) in 1962, Eva now lives in the Weinviertel (wine region) in Lower Austria. She graduated as Doctor of Law, specializing in constitutional law, and later worked as a journalist for ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), the NZZ (New Zurich Newspaper) and the "Oberoesterreichischen Nachrichten" (Upper Austria News).

Eva has been working as a freelance author and journalist since 1994. In 2000, she was voted Communicator of the Year for her commitment to womens rights. She has published several works of non-fiction and has been writing crime novels since 1999. All of her novels, featuring journalist-investigator Mira Valensky and her  friend of bosnian origin Vesna Krajner, cope with a part of nowadays society ...

In order to write her novel „Ausgekocht", Eva did a lot of practical research, working in the kitchen of one of Austrias best-known chefs: Manfred Buchinger (Buchingers Gasthaus "Zur Alten Schule"). Since then, she has continued cooking with him, and, after passing the state-approved examination in 2004, can proudly call herself a qualified chef.

Her novel "Russen kommen" (Russians coming) was voted Austrias favourite book of 2009.

Eva Rossmann was also one of the hosts of the popular ORF talkshow Club 2 (which now is unluckily detached) and works as a scriptwriter.

Her titles:

Wahlkampf (1999), Ausgejodelt (2000), Freudsche Verbrechen (2001), Kaltes Fleisch (2002), Ausgekocht (2003), Karibik all inclusive (2004), Wein & Tod (2005), Verschieden (2006), MillionenKochen (2007), Mira kocht (2007), das Kochbuch zur Krimiserie, Russen kommen (2008), Leben lassen (2009), Evelyns Fall (2010), Unterm Messer (2011), Unter Strom (2012), Unterm Messer (2013), ALLES ROT (September 2014)

 Auf ins Weinviertel - 55 Reiseverführungen, Eva Rossmann & Manfred Buchinger, (Folio-Verlag 2012) - a kind of very personal guide through the reagion in the north and east of vienna, the "Weinviertel" (Winequarter) with recipies

Krummvögel, Limbusverlag, Serie AC Wohnen (März 2013)

A very different book, you can see that also on youtube: Krummvögel

Paperback Bastei Lübbe (Germany), Italian Cult Editore, "Russen kommen" ("The Russian Affair")  Ariandne Publishing House